Thank you Frankie Dean!

Had one of the longest and most entertaining page supporters Frankie Dean up yesterday at the phantom planters HQ for a tour around and he also brought up a car load of flowers to phantom plant around the orchard while he was up!

Was good of you man to bring all that up and a few other gifts you gave us, really appreciate it!

Cant believe how the orchard is looking, all sorts of fruits growing everywhere, it will be an abundant harvest this year alright, pies, jams and all sorts can be made from this for the community, the way it should be and isn't there just something special about picking an apple of a tree and eating it?

It's in our DNA to do this, we have lost touch with so much of what we are, we aren't battery humans being fed manufactured profit driven foods, which is what many of us are becoming through choice and power of suggestion, living indoors and eating practically 3D printed foods, we are becoming just like battery hens and its sending us insane, we are much more than that!

Our bodies are perfectly evolved and designed to be outdoors in nature, capable of moving in all terrains, we are made for this world!

Dont let the ratrace suck you down, get out and be free in the world, especially while your still mobile, our way of life is disabling people until they can no longer get out and move and some crazed delboy somewhere is just sitting waiting to cash in on this selling us new hips, knees, pills and more, our ailments are an industry!

I went to this talk many years ago and it was about cell replication, they say every 7 years you have practically a brand new body and every cell renews, but they will replicate to what our thoughts, habits and lifestyles are, something along the lines of this anyhow, but it got me thinking and it made sense to me.

I'm 4.5 years into my new way of life, no drink, drugs and change of thoughts and lifestyle, at one time I couldn't breath right my lungs were that wrecked from smoking and snorting, I had problems with my mind and body that many would say couldn't be fixed and doctors wanted to butcher me and drug me, I refused and went the holistic way and the other day I was doing some hiking and I was just breathing in my lungs with joy, my body felt agile and young, its taken years of creating new habits drop by drop but I'm looking forward to the next 2.5 years when I will be at the 7 year mark of a completely new body, mind and soul and all the cells replicated on a new way of being!

You know when somethings just make sense, well this made sense to me, we have spent years acquiring bad habits and lifestyles, be patient with yourself and keep creating them new habits!

Everything's habitual, people often said to me that my addictions where caused by trauma, I'm not so sure about that, I think my addictions caused the trauma making things seem much worse than what they are and maybe looking to blame some past situation to justify addiction, them demons can play all sorts of havoc in the mind, how many times do you look for a reason to self indulge in drink and drug taking, I did it for most of my life.

We develop habits, 1 cig leads to 2 and one drug leads to more, then the cells in the body renew with these habits and wants...

Drink and drug taking is normalized, promoted and glorified in our society, we start doing it as a teen because we think its cool and then we become addicted and I know what addiction done to me, they make your emotions and feelings 10 times worse then they really are, they created the mental trauma for me. 

I'm no expert in all this I can only share my thoughts.....

#phantomplanter #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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