The Council are Listening!

 The Council are Listening!!!

Driving down to walk Narnia yesterday aka the Mourne Mountains in Newcastle County Down( best place in the world btw) and I have this little spot I always park at in the forest where no one goes, I've been going here for years now and I always drive past this field and have been thinking for years now that this is the perfect spot for an orchard.

I was in touch before with a dude from there to help out in phantom planting some trees at this spot and it didnt follow through.

Then yesterday I drive by and see around 100 fruit trees and I couldn't believe my eyes, all apple, pear and plums just planted!!!

I was then walking up the mountain after and this old lady was walking her dog and she was so excited to tell me about the fruit trees, saying did you see all them fruit trees back there!

I think I will be sneakily helping myself to some of this fruit and hope they dont fence it all off she was saying, she thought that the trees would not be allowed to be picked from.

I said to her thats why they are planted there for everyone to pick from, she was like what a great idea, why aren't fruit trees everywhere!

Its amazing how our thoughts can manifest, I've said on here many times that my life plan is to phantom plant fruit trees from the phantom planters HQ in Belvoir estate Belfast all the way to the peaks of Narnia 30 miles away!

I have many fruit trees and other trees lining the laybys on the way already and now that the council have been helping me out in achieving this is just unreal!

I can see Northern Ireland becoming the orchard capital of the world the way things are going, you know the way you see orange trees all over parts of Spain well I can see that happening here in our wee country!

Thank you Newry and Mourne District Council for doing this, well done!

This will save me scrumping some apples from the neighbours garden right next to where these trees are planted, I used to pull along close to the hedge and get on the roof of my van to pick the ladies fruit, you cant beat picking a nice piece of fresh fruit straight from the tree after waking the mountain.

#phantomplanter #newryandmourne

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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