The magic of trees!

This is a story I done a while back about my 85 year old mate and how I met him one day about 7 years ago at the garage struggling to put air in his tyres, I offered to help him and me being me I couldn't shut up about the Buddha, yoga, trees and how it changed my life! 

He thought I had told him that I was into judo, so he got home and decided to try and find me to thank me for what I done that day by contacting some judo clubs in Belfast looking for a tree planting Buddhist, he had no luck!

Around about that time I had a tree of mine cut down and the stump discarded over a fence and the rest shredded, I was devastated at this and went to the papers with this story!

Billy was sitting reading the paper one day and there was me in the paper holding my decapitated tree stump. He contacted the paper to get my details and we have become best friends ever since!

The tree stump I kept for a couple of years and miraculously it came back to life and is now in his  garden growing like a champion!

There is something we can all learn from this tree, nothing is ever over, we are never past it, no matter how far gone you think you are we can always heal and repair our body, mind and soul. 

There is complete magic in this tree for me, when it was cut down I was at a point in my life where I was battling with many demons, many addictions and mental problems etc! 

I kept the tree for years, showed it love and in return I believe it helped heal me! 

We repaired and grew strong together, the magic of mother nature!

And by the looks of the flowers we could be in with a chance of some apples this year! 

No tree I've ever phantom planted was a waste of time or money, look what the end outcome of this tree was!

 "Out of a muddy pond blooms a lotus flower"....

#paramilitrees #bestmates #communityspirit #phantomplanter 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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