The magical yew!

 The Yew Tree!!

A tree that no one knows the age of, size and shape does not determine how old the tree is, known as the tree of resurrection, they are an immortal tree as none has ever been recorded to die from old age!

With the oldest on these islands being possibly 5000 years old but really we haven't a clue!

All the pics are the same common yew tree apart from one that is an Irish yew, can you spot it?

Just look how they all grow differently, the one with wee betty in it is all one massive tree that I'm inside, its the most spread out yew in the UK and Ireland covering hundreds of square metres, you really can get lost inside this amazing tree!

They call me these trees do, the one I'm touching is my favourite, first time I touched this tree I went back to my cabin and started writing poetry, weird or what!!

I've never wrote poetry in my life and this is the same yew I've had magical encounters with!

The more you open your mind to the phenomenon of life the more you see how magical it all really is, there is a mystical energy thats holding all this together!

I dont need some big man up in the sky to come down and reveal himself to me, the miracle is right here in front of you, life on this big spinning ball flying through space in an intergalactic explosion is cool enough for me, what more of a miracle do you really need to see!

The ratrace is a game, a finely tuned soul distraction creating so much delusion trying its best to prevent us from connecting to this miracle, I mean look at the lengths they go to in the world to control you, from school to jobs and the normalization of insanity, all our time is used up on meaningless distractions!

Why does anyone want the bother or hassle with any of it?

The system is your greatest teacher, its there to test and strengthen our souls I believe!

#yew #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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