The Perfect Day!

Was out yesterday phantom planting some oak and birch trees that a good friend of mine and long time page supporter got me as a present, we found a nice spot to phantom plant them around the edge of orchard number 2!

These trees have been grown in cell trays so the root mass is not that big, if planting trees like this at this time of year make sure you go back to water and keeping a close eye on them, keep the grass pulled back also to give them the best chance!

What a day it was for phantom planting and a stroll through the forest, my right hand man aka the Paramili-Tree Twigadier came along also with his box of native Irish wildflower scattering them here and there as we walked, he's becoming quite the expert in the wild flower side of things!

We also foraged for a load of wild garlic, its your last chance to be getting the wild garlic now guys as the tree canopy closes over blocking the light to the forest floor, amazing how everything knows to come at different times working in sync with each other, good bye bluebells and wild garlic.

With the new research these days saying that trees and plants talk to each other through the mycelium network underground, when you look at how things flower at different stages and times its so obvious that everything is communicating in some way!

The magic of mother nature and if we be still and connecting enough it will communicate with us also, our heads are just so far up our own asses in the ratrace at times to even comprehend this!

I was saying to my friend yesterday also that orchard number 2 I started to phantom plant on my own as an antidote, I remember when I started some serious stuff came to my doorstep not that long ago, I could have very easily got sucked back into my old ways in a revengeful way, I was tested big time and I went and turned the negative situation in my life into a positive and bought a load of fruit trees and just started phantom planting them trying to balance the negative energies I was feeling, yesterday looking over the 40 or so fruit trees thriving at this new orchard I made the right choice!

Thoughts, intentions, choices, speech, actions, they belong to us, dont let exterior crap dictate how you use these vital life tools, its a practice being aware of negative situations and thought patterns in your life and balancing them with the antidotes and one day you'll be the humble observer of this passing circus we live in, thats the idea anyhow! 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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