Wildflower Superstar!

The wildflower post I did the other day on the phantom planter facebook page has got over 27k likes and 2k shares, it has also generated over 1000 extra followers for my page in one day bringing it up to over 95k followers now!

Most of you probably know the story about the wildflower dude, a few weeks ago I was driving up the road and I seen him erecting a sign saying "Wildflowers dont cut yet".

I stopped to talk with him and he said other people were meant to come and help him but didn't turn up so I give him a hand putting up the signs and helped him weed out some docking leaves.

He is doing this in the hope the council leave the grass alone and let the wildflowers grow.

He said its not about us, its about nature, we owe it to nature!

The other day I drove past again and there he was cutting the edges of the verge so I stopped to have a chat with him and he was telling me of all sorts of wildflowers that are starting to grow, some 18 native varieties so far!

Crazy what happens when we just leave the land alone and let nature do its thing!

This dude doesn't do social media and with the last post going viral he messaged me to say lots of his friends has seen him on the phantom planter page, he couldn't believe the response he was getting, I was so happy for him as the first night I stopped to help him he said he asked all the neighbours if they wanted to come out and help him out and no one turned up and was saying he was so glad I stopped.

Well dude your a super star on here, everyone loves you and your boots!!

He was saying also that there is just some sort of feel good factor when you come out and do things like this which I can totally relate too.

We all need to be getting out and doing things like this!

#wildflowers #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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