100k Followers, unbelievable!!!

Look Wee Betty! We just passed 100k followers on the phantom planter Facebook page!

Think wee Betty has a lot to do with the way this page has went, dont think I could have done it without her, she's been with me right from the start and with every tree I've ever planted, she even knows when its time to get pictures took she comes running over!

Its been an amazing journey for me this past few years from I started the Phantom Planter, the best thing I've ever did with my life to be honest and its something I'm going to carry on doing for ever, is keeping on planting and chanting as its healed alot things for me.....

Something I'm going to do from now which I said I would never do is accept donations to support my mission, when I first started the Phantom Planter it was a sideline hobby for me, I have my own business with another business venture that was going to see me setup for the rest of my life, but the way the phantom planter has went and the time its been taking out of my life and the enjoyment I get from doing it if I could make a living from it in some way I would give up my business and do phantom planting full time!

I've hit a bit of a situation here in my life, so much of my time and energy is going into planting and maintaining trees, entertaining people, going to meet people and posting and chatting on here, which I love it all btw but its become a full time job for me and as much as I try to live in austerity I still got things I want to do with my life that cost money and I still have to get my bread and butter..

I've been meaning to update you guys on the land also that I put an offer in on and the estate agent hasn't got back to me.

Some things just not meant to be but I've been thinking that me buying land does go against the phantom planting ethos, it was amazing idea and alot of money also but if I raised enough money myself and was able to carry on phantom planting full time around the streets and estates and able to buy certain things to help and assist me I could potentially create something much more special and have a greaster impact for the community and mother nature!

There is so much more I can do with the phantom planter if my life needs are met and I can do this full time, so if you'd like to support me you can donate on the link below.

Please though if you do donate dont think thats your way of getting out of becoming a phantom planter, you still gotta plant tree also, we all gotta plant trees, deal???

If you'd like a request for me to phantom plant a tree in memory of someone please add the details in the comment section when donating, obviously I wont be able to plant all requests but I'm intending on running like a weekly/monthly raffle with all the requests.

If this all works all trees phantom planted are going to be tagged and added to google maps, I will be looking after them all, I will take fans out now and again for free tours and phantom plantings, I will also have more time to get back to peoples messages, so much more I can do if this is my full time job!

Thank you everyone for all the support, from the bottom of my heart it means the world to me!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

If you'd like to support the phantom planter please click on the link below.



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