All good in the Buddhahood.

 This is the first time yesterday that the grass cutters have been out to cut around these trees this year, I drive past these most days and I've been keeping them well trimmed around the base myself to let anyone know that comes to cut the grass that they are being looked after, left the apple tree tags on them also.

But yesterday I seen the guy himself who was cutting the grass and I just stopped and said we have planted some community fruit trees there so just be careful incase you dont see them.

The grass was that long he could have very easily went over the top of them.

He was more than happy to watch out for them and said he would let the rest of the grass cutters know aswell to be careful.

Thank you to this guy who worked for Greentown Environmental, this company seems to operate alot where we have many phantom planted trees and I must say they have been brilliant, I've even seen them trim around other random amateur phantom planted trees in the estate with respect, little trees about a foot high in the middle of a big field and they have still cut around them.

I searched up Greentown and it turns out their head office is a hundred mile away in Florence Court Enniskillen which is where I have a special connection to as the worlds oldest Irish yew tree is in the grounds of Florence Court.

Always weird and wonderful synchronicities in this phantom planting world!

"Plant first ask later!"

Anyhow guys this is what you should also be doing if you have any phantom planted trees, keep an eye out for the grass cutters and approach them nicely and let them know you've got some community trees planted, the majority of them will be ok, just plant respectively, always 5 metres apart from any other tree so they can get their machines around easily and do keep the grass trimmed close to the base of your trees as then the cutters wont have to come so close to the trees, I've seen many knock them accidentally.

These trees here are thriving, 5 we have in total and have another 3 to add up the top of the hill, great to phantom plant your trees everywhere you normally travel as this way you get to check on them all the time, made that mistake before phantom planting all over the place then it becomes a choir and your more likely to neglect your trees and give the phantom planters a bad name.

I'm all about promoting people to come out and care for and look after their areas, to take an interest in your own community, this is whats needed big time, take a look around you at the way of the world and ask yourself what is our younger generations looking up too??

Its all went a bit bizarre out there and its up to us to change that!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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