First menorial tree phantom planted!

 Phantom Planted the first memorial apple tree won from the Tuesday nights draw yesterday in memory of Margo Buttery, once I get the proper memorial tags stamped up I will put a post up with the details of the location on Google maps so the family can maybe come and look for it one day and eat some apples of it..

One of my Leaftenants was saying yesterday as we were phantom planting the apple tree that she doesn't think there is any other type of competition were a deceased person can be entered into a draw and have the chance of winning, funny that, never would have thought of it that way but guess she's not wrong...

I have a feeling that these memorial tree planting draws are going to generate alot of interest and I know I'm going to start getting really busy, I've been eyeing up places all around Belvoir estate South Belfast for phantom planting.

As it stands now there must be a thousand fruit trees phantom planted around the estate by me and the rest of the phantom planters in the area but I can see in years to come what this place is going to be like, I'd say it could one day be a worldwide attraction by the time we are finished with people paying for tours through the estate!  

Going to keep all my phantom plantings in this area so me and the rest of the paramili-trees are able to look after and maintain them easily enough, always keep your cards close to your chest as my delboy dad would say!

The more memorial trees phantom planted the more connections people have to nature, thats my goal, I want everyone in the estate and beyond connected to a tree in some way!

I can see it already happening in the estate, people who were never into trees in their lives come down and visit their memorial trees regularly...

People say to me all the time why do I do what I do, im just leveling up I say, I've taken enough over the years from nature and society. Time we all leveled up on an individual basis is what I think!

#phantomplanters #phantomplanter #CommunitySpirit #paramilitrees

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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