Getting young people connected!

 Phantom planted this memorial cherry tree a couple of weeks ago for a young lad that lost his mum so young, so sad this, I thought I was young when I lost my wee mum at 33, here for you anytime man if your reading this, you know where I am...

Have heard he's been down watering the tree all the time in this heat and adding other little loving memorial things to the tree.

He sent me a message saying there are ants around my mums tree carrying white things, what can I do?

I said ants are ok for the trees and not to worry..

This past couple of weeks I've phantom planted trees with many young people, people who aren't even into nature and trees and the feedback I've been getting from them is just unreal for me about how much of a good time they had!

My young training partner brought his friends along and he said that they were saying that I dont seem like your average tree planter and my mate said be under no illusion this guy may be a tree hugger but he'll knock you out at the same time too!

I couldn't stop laughing at this,

This is what its all about for me though, to get people connected to nature who would never have otherwise, especially younger people, my dream and vision is that everyone in the world phantom plants a tree atleast once in their lives!

We are all missing this connection to mother nature, running around there with our heads up our backsides popping pills, puffing our brains out, excess drinking, drug taking and all the rest of the soul poisons that are normalised and glorified in our society!

Not to mention the foods and fizzy drinks, some of them if you gave to your dog you'd get sectioned

All so sad but true....

We all need to get back in touch with nature and the best way for me to connect to this is to become a phantom planter, planting trees healed all societies negative effects that it had on me!

I can honestly say if I had of carried on partaking in the ratrace I would be dead by now!

I like feeling good within, not how I look to others or how I'm perceived, for me its all about how I feel within, inner peace and contentment is pure bliss, something I never felt wanting to be king rat on the monopoly board!

The toys and tinsel, the statuses and titles we all chase,  its all a bit of a farce really.....

#phantomplanter #phantomplanters #CommunitySpirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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