Hanging for the back!

 I've always suffered back problems from a very young age, years of offloading lorries of my delboy dads dodgy goods done me no favours either, it was always in a hurry too and under pressure and I'm not talking a few boxes, it was containers of cigarettes and vodka from I could walk, looking over your shoulder for the police too! 

Then when I got to about 16 I became a very heavy steroid abuser for a couple a years hitting the gym till I was about 18/19 and heavy squatting really done some serious damage to my back, I would have been walking about lopsided for years and on all sorts of pills too, it was terrible!!

All my businesses after that invloved heavy lifting and my back always went every few months or so, till I was practically disabled and still to this day my business is heavy lfting and  now and again my back still locks up on me.

Until I hang like this from a hammock, instantly you feel all sorts of cracks in the spine, good cracks.

This is the one thing many money making back specialists dont want you to know about, there is no profit in fixing you too quick! 

I've been studying my own health and wellbeing for years now and have come to realize that many things out there are part of the industry, we are an industry,!

I find it a bit insane at times too that we would put our physical and mental health in the hands of someone else who is profiting from it, I know what money done to me in the past!

Where there is profit there is delusion and deception! 

Not all the time though, but when you see half of these specialists living rather extravagant lifestyles, fast cars and big houses! They're at it, they're milking you! 

Another thing is all the rage these days is the whole trauma thing, you gotta purge the trauma they say with someone of these retreats being 800 quid a pop!! They're at it too!! 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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