One of the best days for the phantom planter!

This time last year I planted trees in probably the most epic place I've ever planted to date, right under the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, this planting was not phantom but on invitation, we had one of the best days ever, really got treated like royalty and got an in depth tour of the grounds and of everything they are growing down there, what am amazing place it is!

I got an update yesterday from Kirsty who is one of the gardeners at Blarney with pics showing how well all the trees are doing, think we planted about 5-6 trees.

We were in Cork last year planting trees for Jonny Rotten aka John Lydon to help offset some carbon emissions for a project he was doing.

We must have planted about 50 trees in that area and recruited lots of new paramili-trees while we were at it!

Something else really magical happened on that trip too that I'll never forget, about a week or so before I went I was at Jampa Ling Buddhist temple and Lobsang who is a monk there donated me a Rowan tree to plant for Jonny Rottens project as I was telling him what we were doing, Lobsang must have been an ex punk turned Buddhist monk as he was very happy to give us this massive stunning tree that sat at the door of his cabin at the temple.

So as we were planting the Rowan tree with Kirsty at Blarney which is at the other end of Ireland btw from Jampa Ling I was telling her where the tree came from and who gave me it, Kirsty couldn't believe, she said she used to live at Jampa Ling practicing Buddhism and knew Lobsang and the tree very well, how magical..

Kirsty and I have been friends since and she said to me after, that day you walked in with the tree from Jampa Ling was definitely a sign of the Buddha calling me back!

Life has never been so serendipitous from I started phantom planting trees!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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