Singing in the Rain!

 Have never been as glad in my life to wake up to the sound of the rain pelting down on my cabin!!

This will save me alot of running around watering trees!

I was meant to head away last week for a bit of touring around the UK and had to cancel due to the heatwave here as I couldn't have left all the newly phantom planted trees!

Only I know where most of them are too so it wasnt like I could have gotten anyone to do it for me and to carry water to the places I had to go to at times, some places were a bit extreme!

Although I had many people that came and helped me out, thank you all, you know who you are!

This was one of the other reason why I started to accept donations of money also, as the phantom planter was getting bigger more and more people kept bringing me trees and plants as gifts, I know its such a nice thing to do but it ends up a burden on me looking after them all...

Thank you all guys for the offers of trees though but I would prefer you guys phantom planted them yourself...

I've learned alot over many years of phantom planting and have watched which type of trees grow best and from now I'm only going to specialise in old heritage variety apples trees, one type I'm never planting again is pears, nearly every pear tree I've phantom planted has ended up sick apart from the one me and my delboy dad phantom planted in memory of my wee mum, its unbelievable!

But the rest of the pear trees I've phantom planted which is around 100 or so easily are terrible!

And all these fancy dutch wonder fruit trees, waste of money, I've spent thousands of pounds phantom planting over the years and by putting my money where my mouth is I've leanred alot! 

Any money you donate me will go towards sourcing good heritage apple trees, my aim is to have a proper nursery here in Belfast with someone producing these for me, never mind these so called native varieties they sell here that are grown in Holland, we need to be growing these over here!

Ulster Trees for Ulster Bees....

#phantomplanters #phantomplanter #CommunitySpirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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