Still time for tomorrow nights draw!

 Tomorrow night could be the last draw for a couple of weeks to have a memorial tree phantom planted in a passed loved ones name as me and wee Betty will be off traveling for a bit around the UK living on the road.

The weather seems to have went back to normal here again in Belfast which is Rain Rain Rain!

So its a good time for me to get away as all the newly phantom planted trees will be getting well watered.

Going to have a good think while I'm away to see if I will carry on doing these weekly memorial tree phantom plantings, just over the past couple of weeks I can see how much admin work it can take up, I have been getting inundated with messages from people who think I just plant memorial trees for people and others asking how much do I charge to plant individual trees for people with in depth stories of whats happened to their loved ones, very touching and sad some of them and it makes me feel bad that I cant get back to them but its only me on here and always only will be, apologies I dont get back. 

I was basically just doing a draw each week to offer something back to you guys for contributing and supporting what I do, the phantom planter has become my life, the majority of my energy and time goes into helping inspire and promote the love of tree planting on here and all the work I do off here in the phantom plantings and maintaining of all the trees, meeting people and working with groups which I love it all btw but this has eaten into my life and time massively and to be honest its been hitting me financially too as I've been neglecting promoting my own little business.

Theres nothing more I would love than to get a steady wage from what I do, I dont want to change anything, I just want to still do what I do in phantom planting fruit trees all over the streets and estates of Belfast and beyond.

With all the excess money I ever get if the odd person contributed large amounts I would just buy farmland and make them into wild fruit forests, just leave it to nature and to who ever wants to go and have a forage.

So this could be your last chance to get your loved ones name in the hat for tomorrow night, all you have to do is donate as much as you can afford and comment your loved ones name in the pay pal link when donating or as reference with the bank transfer.

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Free Food For All

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