Thank you everyone!

Welcome all the new phantom planter followers, the main reason for me doing what I do on here is to get you to become a phantom planter too hoping you will take up the challenge and start to randomly phantom plant mainly fruit trees in your local streets and estates so everyone can have free fresh food!

The phantom planter Facebook page just passed 98k followers yesterday, it went up by over 1k followers in a day!

Thats the most its ever grown in one day, it seems to be snowballing a bit, the bigger it gets the more phantom planting will be normailsed and that phantom planting could become a worldwide trend that everyone has gotta do once in their lifetime, and I know once you plant one you'll get the buzz and you'll never want to stop!

Phantom planted orchards and forests is what you'll be doing next just like I've been doing!

Thats my dream and vision anyhow and thank you to all of you for making this dream have the potential to come true!

Unbelievable at times for me what a bit of planting and chanting can create!

I had my mate in the orchard yesterday which is one of many that I have around Belfast aka the phantom planters HQ and there is around 300 fruit trees here thats been going for the past 4 years or so with thousands of apples growing this year and I could see him look up and down with amazement saying no way, did you plant all them?

I was like yea man its amazing what you can create when your not spending your money on cocaine and hookers!

Its all one following the other in that sleazy world, you almost think enlightenment can be bought in some way, I was like a crazed maniac for years chasing fixes and self gratification, when you get that line of peas and barley up your nose, you want more and more, more drink, more cigarettes, more sex, you can go for days like this then you hit this wall, your empty and lost inside, the soul has been diminished that much its barley even a flicker of light, your not there, your like a walking corpse and society glorifies this type of behavior!

Its all a manufactured soul trap if you ask me keeping us exactly where we're wanted!

Practicing the self empowering teachings of the Buddha and and giving back to mother nature with phantom planting trees has given me my soul back, I can literally feel it burn within me!

I heard a guru say before that only when the spirit is on fire will this have the potential to inspire, maybe thats why this page has went the way it has, I do speak from my soul, spent way too long acting the big shot in life, fooling no one but myself, as long as I had loads of money and drugs I thought I was happy, really I was a miserable paranoid mess! 

Im just sharing what has healed me, we have a lost generation out there, people need to stand up for their communities and help raise our spirits! 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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