Was a big thing for me!

Yesterday was a big thing for me guys to ask for donations, I had a problem with it before accepting money when I had a tree planting charity, all my life I've never taken anything I didnt earn, people always thought I was mad in the past when I could have claimed this back or that back, that I'm entitled to it people would say!

If I never earned it, it wouldn't mean anything to me, that's just how I've rolled for most of my life, I may have sold the biggest load of dodgy goods all my life but it wasn't anything differently that the Governments are selling, I still made my own money, undercutting the government really is all I was doing which is why they want to lock you up for half the stuff I was selling!

I don't know how to explain this but I've always had a mindset that living on handouts or taking what you didnt earn can belittle your own capabilities to grow and succeed, like it subconsciously weakens you in some way.

Maybe that all sounds a bit mad guys but its thinking this way thats seen me through my life, I've had a very lucky life, only ever worked as a chef for one year when I left school to keep my wee mum happy, she didnt want me ending up like my dodgy delboy dad! One year I lasted as I was making more money flogging stuff out the back door of the cafe, after that every day of my life I owned my days, got up and done what I wanted....

For me society likes to keep us weak and needy, its all part of the plan really, but here in the western world we got opportunities, I know I can buy a bottle of bleach from a shop for one pound, knock on a few doors and I will get two pound for it, have always said this, people like to see effort and enthusiasm and they will buy!

The only thing holding most of us back in life is ourselves!

Anyhow guys it was a big thing for me to overcome asking for donations to help my mission, when people from my past heard I had a charity before one guy said "yea Al Capone had charities, I'm on to you" he said!!!

But over the past three years all my energy has been going into the phantom planter, I've neglected other areas of my life for this and its make or break for me, I love phantom planting, I would love to be able to get a living from it, going around streets and estates filling up them empty grassy areas with fruit trees one tree at a time!

I was offered funding the other day and I refused, you guys are my supporters and you have been right from the start, people come along as you grow and want a piece of the action, I'm not so slow when it comes to things like this, grew up around the biggest con artists the world has to offer!

I'm for the community always, this is a grass roots movement and always will be!

I work for you now guys, its you that helped spread my message and support me, I owe it to you, the communty! 

It's better anyhow just being like everyone else, when I was at the height of my wealth in the past you move into a realm of constipation and snobbery thinking life is better because your champagne cost a couple of hundred quid, what a farce, the water taste better drinking out of the waterfalls in Narnia any day!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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