What a day!!!

 Yesterday we phantom planted 4 cracking potted apple trees and signed up one of our youngest phantom planters yet who was keen to get his little bare feet in on the action....

1 Worcester Pearmain

1 James Grieves

2 Grenadier

Is what we phantom planted.

These are all really good varieties that will thrive in our climate, we have many James Grieves phantom planted out and about and they really do love it over here in Belfast, some of the healthiest and most vibrant trees I've seen!

The James Grieves tree was brought along and phantom planted by a self love/healing group who are going to make tree planting part of what the group does.

They are singing of the same song sheet as me!

In Buddhism many of the prayers and mantras are about healing everything else around you and in return you will be healed, karma yoga they call it is a form of prayer in action, selfless service for the benefit of all that is around you without seeking anything in return.

They also have another very special healing meditation called Tonglen, where you visualize taking on everyone else's suffering and allowing them to be healed and in return this selfless act will heal you and help clear a lot of negative karma...

Pretty powerful all that stuff, we are in a world thats all about you, about what can I do for me, forget everyone else as long as I'm ok!

Thats all that seems to matter, but really this type of attitude is creating more and more suffering for ourselves.

There is no self in Buddhism, as Big T aka Thich Nhat Hanh once said, 

If you look at a flower and take away the soil, the sun, the air, there is no flower, everything is interconnected and interdependent...

Something along them lines anyhow is what he said but get your head around that one guys!

Phantom planting trees has been my karma yoga for the past 7 years or so and I can honestly that this has been the one practice out of all that I do that has contributed to most of my healing..

A lovely lady was chatting with me last night as I was working away at the orchard on my own mulching a few trees with horse manure and she was saying, "I can see you alive doing this, the enthusiasm and light is beaming from you"...

This is a lady that didnt know I was the phantom planter and I've only just seen her around once before and I said to her, I dont mean to sound all Woo-Woo here but in me making offerings back to nature and the community I feel im plugging back into the source, I've been disconnected and sidetracked for too long in the ratrace, I'm getting my charge from the source of all life I said...

I think she was getting me....

I believe and feel this to be true, its all about your intention though in planting, when I phantom plant in my mind it is an offering back to mother nature for all that she has provided for me all my life, a thank you and a way of trying to level up.

Its all alive all this magic around us and we are every bit interconnected with it also, be mindful of your relationship with mother nature, it can determine much happiness or suffering in our lives...

#phantomplanter #paramilitrees #phantomplanters #CommunitySpirit #buddha

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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