Yin and Yang phantom planting!

 One of my longest and most consistent local supporters, Lily from up the Shankill who I've never met before had 2 juniper trees for me that she's been asking me did I want them for the past couples of years now and I have always been meaning to call up and get them but something has always got in the way.

She said her grand kids are always getting spiked by them and she wants them away, a sure way to tell a juniper, you can get junipers easily mixed up with many other of the thousands of different types of conifers out there but all junipers will spike you, I was told this by a very inspirational conifer expert which i will never forget!

So Lily decided to get her friend to run her over and drop the junipers off at the orchard for me 2 nights ago and she couldn't find it so she messaged me to say she has left them next to a memorial mural down at the bottom of the estate passed the school.

I knew exactly where it was and went down first thing yesterday morning to find the 2 juniper trees left right next to an Irish Yew!

Found the whole thing a bit mystical to be honest, most people on here know that I always go on about junipers and yews all the time, about the magical mysticism that surrounds them. the yew tree berry kills you and the juniper berry heals you, said that the juniper berry will counter the effects of the yew berry but this is definitely not worth trying out.

The juniper and yews are also said to be the only conifers in the world that produce a berry and they both live for thousands of years with some saying they are immortal.

With both of these trees I have encountered strange goings ons, I've seen some weird stuff happen with junipers and yews on many occasions!

The juniper is also referred to by some as the mountain yew.

What I did find strange also is I cant believe the councils are planting Irish yew trees as these can cost a few quid, they aren't the cheapest of trees, what a good choice though, really slow growing and live forever really!

So where Lily dropped the trees is exactly where we phantom planted them, one each side of the Irish yew!

All meant to be that I didnt call up and see Lily and all meant to be that she didnt find the orchard as this really made my day phantom planting these together, the Yin and Yang of the tree world right next to each other!

Thank you Lily, me and wee Betty will call up and see you soon.

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters #juniper #yew 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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