Back on home turf now!

 Thats me and wee betty back in Belfast now, had an amazing time in England and met some really cool people, thank you to everyone for all the offers that invited us to come and see them and put us up and feed us, I had no end of generous offers and my apologies if I didnt reply back to you either, I really appreciate it though...

Twelfth celebrations begin here in Northern Ireland tonight, they light all these massive bonfires, bonfires like you've never seen before, the size of multi story flats they are!

I've had some great memories of this time of year, it was a time to sell, burger stalls, red, white and blue candy floss, union jack chairs, band poles, beers, king billy kebabs cooked by Pakistani prods!!

I always made a fortune this time of year and had the best times too!!

And I would have had my own bonfires also, only I would be burning all the old furniture that I couldn't sell in my buyers of anything sellers of everything superstore, it was the only night of the year where you could get away with lighting fires, well thats what I was hoping for anyway!

One year I had dug a massive hole in the ground with a digger to conceal as much rubbish as possible so it couldn't be seen by passers by and filled it with furniture all year and lit it on the eleventh night, I never forget it, no one wanted to hang around when I was lighting it as they thought I was mad!

I ended up talking my delboy dad to come with me and soon as I lit it, the fire roared that big,  my delboy dad run saying you are mad son, the police will be on their way soon, thats too big!

Right enough I could hear the sirens in the distance and it was the fire brigade coming, they cut the land lords gates down to the industrial estate to get in at the fire, people from neighbouring houses where heard shouting and screaming, I was sitting up top in my double decker bus drinking my beer taking it all in just hoping most of my waste had been burned!

Some crazy memories of the at this time of year I have,  just thought I'd share some of them with you, I gotta lot of bad karma to sort for all the things I've done hence why I live the way I live now, I got karmic debt to sort, carbon offsetting and karmic offsetting at the same time!

Go easy and have a good time tonight guys if anyone is going to watch the bonfires, something always stuck in my head about what my wee rebel mum always told me,

She said the Irlsh flag means green for Ireland, orange for Ulster and white for peace between the two and the Union jack is the cross of St Patrick, St George and St Andrew.

Both flags are inclusive of both sides of the community here in Northern Ireland....

Peace and love to you all....


I've got my flag up and its still got red white and blue on itšŸ¤£!

#phantomplanter #twelfthnight


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