I've been promoted!

 Still in Kent here working away at my brothers new house,  I've been promoted from chiseling plaster of walls to a roof fixer, dont think he realized how good I actually am with my hands! ( only joking btw but I will have a go)! 

Using our hands in building things is a skill we all need to know more of, I was at this Quaker meeting before and people get up and make random statements after sitting in meditation for an hour, they say that who ever stands up and speaks after sitting in stillness that it will be the divine speaking through them.

I totally get what they mean, as in Buddhism they say meditation connects you back to the source.

I've read about the Quakers and they are really aligned with my beliefs, so close to Buddhism, a beautiful form of christianity if you ask me, Christianity in action is how I seen them. 

But this man got up and spoke after meditation and said we all need to be careful how we are using our time in education, that when we look at how many jobs that AI are going to replace we need to stop wasting our time and our youths time in learning about careers that will be taken over by AI, we already know what jobs are going to be taken over and so many are still doing degrees and wasting time on stuff when they will be not needed. 

This man made a lot of sense to me, or was this a message from the divine? 

Being more self sufficient and self reliant is the way to go in todays world. 

I've got a day off today btw so I'm going to see potentially the largest oak tree in the world!

#phantomplanter #kent 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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