Love this young lad.

 Did a post a while back about a young lad from the estate that I bumped into and he said to me that he just lost his mother and he would love a fruit tree phantom planted in memory of her, so I made a date with him to come down to the orchard and I will have a tree for him to phantom plant.

We phantom planted a cherry tree in memory of his mum and I have seen him on numerous occasions down watering and looking after the tree.

He then sends me a message saying would it be ok if I planted some orange lilies next to the tree as his mum loved them, he was worried incase they may take over or something or be invasive but I said work away.

So he sent me an update of him planting his orange lilies at his mums tree and saying how much comfort he was getting out of doing it, I was so happy for him.

His mum's birthday is on the 12 of July and yesterday he went down to see her tree and he sends me a message saying,

"cant believe it mate one has flowers on my mums birthday, so happy"...

I'm so happy for him too, this is a young lad from the estate who has never planted a tree before and now he's down watering and maintaining his mums tree, phantom planting flowers and going back down to look after them too, he's even went and got some mulch for the flowers, I'm well impressed!!!

Keep it up man, UTPP up the phantom planters! 

#phantomplanters #CommunitySpirit #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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