Miracles do happen!

 I had this apple tree phantom planted in a street in South Belfast that was there for many years and just last year it got strimmer damaged, the grass cutter stripped a ring of bark from the bottom of the tree which is called ring barking, if this happens to a tree it will slowly die.

I've been driving past it now and again over the past year hoping for a miracle that it may spring back into life some way but it was just slowly dying before my eyes and last night I drove by to see it again and it had been replaced with a new phantom planted apple tree by someone else!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes, what a surprise this was and not only did they plant one but they phantom planted another apple tree down at the other end of the green, I was with two mates and they couldn't believe either, I got my miracle in the end!

Thank you so much who ever you are that done this, made my day!!!

I still get a stuck for words at times how the phantom planter has taken off and the ripples thats been spread, its been an amazing journey all this planting and chanting!

#phantomplanter #phantomplanters #paramilitrees #thankyou #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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