Some time away from phantom planting!

 Good morning guys, haven't been my usual self as in posting what I've been up too, I stopped off to see my brother for a few days aka the Seargent Majoir as my delboy dad always called him who lives in Kent and this is what he has me doing, stripping old plaster of walls! 

He bought this 300 year old cottage in the most amazing quaint village in kent that he's very enthusiastic about renovating himself! 

I'd only just landed after drving for a day and half and he just about said hello and handed me a hammer and chisel and said get to work! 

My wee mum and my delboy dad sure knocked out a good one with my brother, I often wondered where he came from myself! 

They were very proud of what he has done with his life coming from a working class estate in Belfast, he worked his way up through the military and passed out at Sandhurst to become an army officer, hence why my dad nick named him the Sergeant Major and is now living in Kent with the big wigs!

I dont think there's many catholic woman from Ardoyne in Belfast like my wee rebel mum to produce a British army officer, kinda a funny!!! 

Im proud of him too and so gald to have a very good relationship with him just over the past few years, as most of you know I was a bit a rogue in my past and with my brother being very staright laced we did not get on!

But from I've changed my ways I've earned his respect which means alot to me, he's my big bother who I've always looked up too and for him to tell me he's proud of me means the world to me! 

My bother is one of the most inspiring people I know, when he puts his mind to something he gets what he wants!

He's never even knew how to wire a plug before and now he's bought this old cottage and is doing the whole thing himself leanring off YouTube, he's really just jumped in at the deep end. I'm in shock myself what he's doing but he's doing it ok so far....

As I said to him, it was not like our delboy dad showed us any DIY stuff! 

Good luck with it big brother, love having you in my life! 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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