The Druids Altar!

 Some pics from last night after eventually finding the Druids Altar, love going and seeing our ancient monuments and connecting in with them, this one was great for meditating at as its miles away from anyone and does not see many visitors, it was so peaceful over looking the giants causeway and Scotland in the distance, not many in the town knew about it and you have to walk through thick brambles and gorse to get to try and find it, no signs and no track, a real hidden gem!

Amazing how they managed to make these structures to last thousands of years, this one could be over 5000 years old and still standing strong!

Irish mythology tells us that there were a race of nature loving reclusive giants around 8ft tall called the Fir Bolg that lived here on the Emerald Isle at one time, maybe it was them that built all these ancient stone structures, who knows!!

The Giants Ring in Belfast which is believed to be one of the oldest neolithic sites in Ireland has nearly the same shaped stone structure as the Duids Altar and why is it called the Giants Ring.

I read something before about mythology that made so much sense to me, it says the reason why they make it into mystical stories is so that no one ever forgets it and that it can never be altered or tampered with by foreign invaders, when other invaders come they always rewrite their own history and try and destroy all the local history just like what Christianity did here during the pagan holocaust, but you cant rewrite mystical stories of Giants, Fairies, magic and mystery, these stories will be told and passed on for ever, our ancient ancestors were ahead of their time!

I say it all the time, Christianity made such a big deal out of this little island, we were the most Christian controlled place on Earth at one time, this land of the saints and scholars, they have been trying to keep our ancient past hidden from the world, we had the oldest nature based law system in the world, Brehon law and one of the oldest alphabets the Ogham, which each letter represents a native tree or Ireland....

Unbelievable really the whole lot of it, fascinates me, all these sites have been left for us to connect in with, portals of ancient knowledge they are!

We all need to get back in touch with nature, we all need to plant trees, for us and for our children, thats what I feel every time I go and connect into these ancient sites!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #druidsaltar

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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