The phantom planters rise!

 I never forget this from 3 years ago, this was the first time that another phantom planter had came out and joined me, I had phantom planted a couple of apple trees at this grass verge in the estate and came back to check on them and someone else had came out and added all these nice plants along the wall.

One of the apple trees got ripped out and then it was replaced by another apple tree a few weeks later by this same secret phantom planter who I now know who it is!

I had been phantom planting for several years before this hoping that one day this would happen and then when this did happen it was the best feeling ever, my soul was on fire!!

Now all these years later phantom planters have spread right across the world...

Even if it didnt spread like this it was never going to stop me phantom planting, planting trees and connecting to nature has sorted my life right out, its been a journey of healing and self discovery, getting to know my ego and my soul, I never knew what the ego was before as most of us and the way of the world are living purely in the ego and it can make us think that nothing else within exists apart from keeping the ego polished.

What I love about Buddhism is you cant cheat it, your only fooling yourself, its an inner thing and only we know deep down if we feel right or not, the ego likes to look good on the outside regardless of how we feel within.

When people ask me am I a Buddhist, I say no I practice Buddhism, maybe one day I will be a Buddhist, but I've a long way to go yet.

How I feel within is of utmost importance and practicing Buddhism has helped me recognise what thoughts and actions disturb my inner self and what thoughts, actions and intentions make me feel better.

I've lived way too long fooling myself, I was just thinking yesterday that years ago I had this load of cash that I needed to clean, launder as they say, enough to plant a rainforest, so I decided to setup a business and clean my cash, I was only about 19, thinking I need that big house, fancy cars, big businesses, big bank account and all the usual status we think is the be all and end all to life!

I did it and got what I wanted only to end up being locked in a mental horrible prison and surrounded by leaches and tossers, having to conform to the biggest load of constipated BS that just sucks the soul right of you!

And not to mention having to wear straight jacket type clothing, ties that choke you and shoes that hurt your feet just to go and sit and talk BS with another poor suffocating soul of the ratrace to try and acquire more paper and digits or to sort out some legal jargon with any of it making no sense at all to our soul...

All for what? toys, tinsel, paper and digits....It's all ego the whole lot of it!

Yes!!! Theres not much I dont miss about this monopoly we all think is great, barefoot up a tree eating an apple is the way to go for me these days,, pure freedom!

I will always plant trees and live in service for nature, it does something to you, something I never knew existed....

#phantomplanter #phantomplanters #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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