Wasps are good!

 There's enough in the orchard for all life including the wasps and flies!

When I phantom plant a fruit tree its an offering from me to mother nature, so all life is welcome to enjoy it and people dont realise either just how much of an important roll wasps are to the ecosystem.

They may take a few apples for desert but thats after they've been feasting on many other bugs and insects keeping them under control and stopping them from eating your trees and plants...

They only ever take a few apples anyhow and theres plenty for everyone.

I'm a great believer in letting nature take its course, if I loose some trees thats been taken over by bugs, to me they are not meant to be there in my opinion, I can and will always phantom plant more trees that are meant to be there..

The over priced drink and drug that I fed my body was not meant to be there either but I kept on doing it for years spending a fortune with nothing but a polluted body, mind and soul to show for it and society sells us this crap daily!

I feel sorry for younger kids growing up these days, more so than ever is the life of drink, drugs and seediness glorified and there is so many other new drugs out there thats putting people's heads away!

Do you ever see what happens too when we go to the doctors about drug addiction, they give you more drugs!!!

What a world we live in, so much delusion out there, do you really think the system thats caused the problem is really going to have the solution???

Try planting and chanting, try making nature offerings with good intentions, get out barefoot in the mountains, no phone just you and the world and feel yourself connect to something much greater than the ratrace, feel yourself connect to the creation!

Fast, train, do yoga, ccold water therapy, meditation,  eat right, none of this 3D printed processed crap! 

Get yourself some Tibetan bowls and chant you head away into another world, go hug some trees, spend time with old people, old people are good, they have life experience, always respect and look after your elders, because if your lucky enough you might be one one day!

There's so much we can do to help ourselves, dont think your poor and needy, you might be poor in money but never be poor in spirit is what my 86 year old mate says!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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