A gift for the HQ!

 Check out this gift that the Bradford Paramili-tree Leaftenant brought us over for the HQ,, Thank so much man, it will hanging nicely at the orchard!

I got gifts yesterday from three different people, jars of jam left at my van, a bottle of homemade lemon cordial and this very thoughtful plaque all the way from Bradford or Bradistan as my Leaftenant called it, never heard it called this before, it did make me laugh!

Walked into my favourite Nepalese restaurant last night - The Raj Lisburn road Belfast and I always greet them with Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, and an old wheeling and dealing customer of mine was in there, he was looking at me sort of funny, like what was going on here when he heard me say Hare Krishna and said to me, well mate hows it going?

I said all good in the Buddhahood man, I'm in here to get high I said, we used to get high before in other ways many years ago but I told him next time your in this place order the Hare krishna meal and chant Hare Krishna before you eat it and you'll be high as a kite man, you'll feel your soul rise to the divine I said, is thats right he said as he looked me up and down in disbelief!

It was just one of them priceless funny moments were someone that knows you well from your dodgy past is standing there speechless waiting on the punchline!

Anyhow keep planting and chanting guys, I'm lit, lit better than any line of peas and barley or vodka redbull, im getting gifts sent to me daily and not summonses or court letters, from a deep dark abyss to basking in the buddha bliss - Life is better planting and chanting! 

Hare Krishna guys....

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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