A new young phantom planter on the rise!

 The other day we phantom planted an apple tree in memory of this 9 year olds Granda, at the time I couldn't believe it how much he was getting stuck in, he basically done everything himself from the digging of the hole to the planting of the tree!

He was then saying after we planted can we do this again and I told him he can come to the orchard anytime, so the next day I was walking through the orchard and there he was with his mum and aunty looking at all the apple trees.

His mum said as soon as he woke the first thing he said was can he go and see the apple trees.

I showed him how to tell if an apple is ready to pick by just giving it one small quarter twist and if it comes off in your hand its ready to it, we picked a few and chatted while eating our apples and his mum was saying he remembered everything I told him from planting the tree...

Yesterday my right hand man seen a group of people in the middle of the orchard and as he went over to see them he heard someone telling the rest of the group - "you only pick the apple when it comes off in quarter twist," turns out it was this 9 year old lad back again giving other people a tour of the orchard!

Isn't that just brilliant!! I couldn't believe it when my right hand man told me this and he couldn't believe it either!

The other night as I was driving by tree that me and this young lad planted there was his aunty out putting stones around the base of tree and cutting the grass with a pair of scissors, put some smile on face it did when I seen this!

It's all my dreams and visions come true for me how its all worked out in Belvoir estate, my main purpose when setting up the phantom planter was to get people connected to trees and nature, I've sold everything from a shoelace to a double-decker bus, from King Billy kebabs to candy floss and glowsticks, I've had pound shops with breakdancing chickens and blimps outside for attention!

Theres not much I haven't done over my past wheeling and dealing days, I've even had a team of gold panners before for flip sake but I know that all my days of ducking and diving was all part of the training, training that I would need one day like now to be the promoter of mother nature and the Buddha's right hand man!

My days of promoting the destruction of mother nature and the promotion of soul pollution are well gone, I'm all about selling the renewal and love for nature, ourselves and the community these days, this is my life purpose now!

Time to level up - with nature - the community and your soul.....

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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