Get phantom planting our future!

 This is how our streets and estates should be looking, they say money doesn't grow on trees, it really does!

Good organic fruit is a fortune in the shops these days and nature gives us it for free if we just plant the seeds.

I always say if an organic apple cost 50p today what is it going to cost in 10 or maybe 20 years time and an apple tree can live for a hundred years with each tree giving up too 2000 apples when fully grown.

You look at them old massive apple trees and they are full of apples and there nothing better than climbing the tree to get your fruit too, I love it!

What an offering to leave behind for future generations, someone planted all the old ancient trees for us to enjoy now we should be phantom planting them for future generations to enjoy!

I love going around seeing old trees and arboretums thinking the persons vision for planting the trees was more so for people to enjoy long after they are gone, who thinks of planting a Giant Redwood that one day would tower over the place for us to look up in awe at it!

The ancient Brehons believed we came back anyway in another life so maybe these enlightened tree planters knew this, have heard stories that Brehons used to bury there valuables and come back in the next life and retrieve them.

Many Buddhist monks have been known to do this to with Big D able to go back into the Potala Palace for the first time as a child and find many of his previous lives belongings!

I'd say theres very good reason our society makes such a fuss to fill our minds full of nonsense from early years in school and everywhere we look, maybe the darker forces that rule our world dont want us remembering who and what we really are!

Only through stillness can we connect, through meditation and solitude can we see deeper understandings of this magical universe we live in and our whole world is perfectly designed to have us running around always stimulated in an anxious fast paced rat race!

Although this is what makes it all worth living, would be boring if there was nothing to work out for yourself, can you imagine living in a perfect utopia for forever?  With no challenges?

Thats why when Buddhist monks attain enlightenment its  -  'Get Me Out Of Here!!!"

They've cracked the game and can see all for what it is and then they are bored out of their minds having to go through the whole monotonous process of existing over and over again!

Some like Big D and many others are Bodhisattvas meaning they've came back to help us, they have chosen to hold of Nirvana to come back and put up with the madness and mayhem of this realm to guide us!

Anyhow back to trees guys, get out phantom planting our future, I've a big beautiful apple tree to phantom plant today!

Sometimes I read over what I write in the mornings and think where did that come from!

My friend says im channeling, who knows! 

I dont plan what to write, I just get up, say my prayers and chant and then let my writing flow! 

Baffles me at times to be honest where it all comes from but thank you all for reading it.....

 #paramilitrees #phantomplanters #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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