Happy dog day!

 Happy dog day!

They've a day for everything these days, maybe one day they'll have "national phantom planters day"!!

I was never a doggy person in my life until I got wee betty, I've mentioned on here before I had a beagle but my only reason for having it was I had intentions of getting it trained up to sniff out money and gold in my house clearance business I had in the past, someone had a fit on here before when I mentioned this calling me all sorts of names and that I was a granny robber and all that!

The way I seen it was when we were clearing out houses many of the families didnt really care what was in the house and we were left the keys and told to leave it empty, I've found all sorts of hidden treasures in my 10 years of house clearing and always wanted a proper trained sniffer dog to go over the house after we've finished clearing.

I wanted the millions, but when you get them that monopoly board always has a higher digit to chase and you will always be its slave!

Turns out the the dog did my head in and wrecked and ruined more that it found...

I learned alot about life in my house clearing business, it made me realize the impermanence of it all and the stuff we gather and hoard all our lives that just get left behind to be hoked and plundered through one day!

One thing I never did or let any of my workers do was read someones diary or other personal letters and stuff, its wrong to do it while they're alive and its wrong to do it when they've gone, all that stuff I burned.

Having that business is probably one of the reasons I live so minimalist now, I seen people spend they're lives gathering toys and tinsel just to leave it all behind for some money hungry person like me to come behind and hoke through everything with a fine comb looking for all the treasures!

I had this massive locked up store at my warehouse were all the house clearances got dropped off at, before that I hired an antique specialist to sort it all, I got a bit suspicious of him and put up hidden cameras, turns out he was stealing things I'd of put in the bin, I thanked him and sacked him, he gave me the best education ever!

After that my secret store was under lock and key with a massive furnace for burning all unwanted stuff, this furnace was big enough to throw a few sofas in.

I saved up lots of house clearances until the store was full, got myself a load speed pills and a fridge full of beer, stuck on some mozart, (piano concerto 21 btw got me going big time,) on my antique gramophone, let the fire roar and went on the rampage for days hoking and researching everything, checking all the clothes pockets, lining of curtains for rolled up notes, stuff stuck to the bottoms of drawers and old notes between books, I've found some things in weird places!

I found many many treasures over the years but I remember when it all went down hill for me, I was riddled with drink and drug addiction and I had my finger in underworld pies big time too, was at my richest on the outside but poorest on the inside,!

But I got this picture once from a house, it was the crying boy picture, a props guy came up and told me how rare they are as everyone burned them in massive bonfires many years ago as they were deemed to be cursed because the fire brigade always seen them left intact after house fires, they were prints from an artist called Bragolin, even the name at the time freaked me out a bit!

After I got that picture mayhem and madness fell upon me, I got robbed, bombed and mobbed from all directions, I never forget it, the curse of the crying boy had hit me but in realty it was all my own fault, I myself, no one else created that karma, we can never escape karma, karma means action and action creates reaction.

Looking back now it was the blessing of the crying boy for me, I'd of been dead or living in complete misery right now if I'd of stayed in that life!

"Out of a muddy pond blooms a lotus flower!"

Anyhow guys, wee betty, my best mate and helper, sometimes we think we are rescuing a dog when really they are rescuing us!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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