Ignite your Soul Today!

 Phantom planted an apple tree yesterday in memory of 93 year old Sammy Stevenson who just passed away recently - RIP Sammy....

Lots of apples on the tree also for the family to come and eat, it was a Gala apple variety we phantom planted.

We also signed up a new recruit, it was his first time planting a tree and he was very enthusiastic about the whole thing, getting stuck in and wanted to do the phantom planting from start to finish earning him a mask, T-shirt and getting sworn in as an official paramili-tree member!

He messaged me later that evening to say how much he enjoyed it and that he's really got the buzz to phantom plant more trees and ended his message with 'kindest Treegards!"....

Rise of the Paramili-Trees!!

I was saying to my new recruit yesterday about how in the past I was soulless, I didnt even know I had a soul chasing paper and digits, the way of the world and the life we are led to believe is the big dream does not nourish the soul in anyway, infact its polluting it!

Taking people out phantom planting trees for the community and mother nature to enjoy has given me a feeling inside like never before, something is flickering inside me, I've ignited my soul.

Ignite your soul today and get phantom planting some fruit trees in your community! 

#communityspirit #phantomplanter #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

If you like what I do and share you can support me on the link below and help keep me planting and chanting. 



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