Lets all leave a legacy!

 This is a Phantom Planted Apple Tree that an old eccentric man planted some 30 years ago right next to another orchard we have in South Belfast, this is the size mine will get too one day, unreal!

When I was a kid I used to hang around this area and I always remember this eccentric old man who lived in the corner house, he went around everywhere on his bicycle and had cling film over is windows, must have been for insulation or something, it always had me baffled and apparently he was a very wealthy man who own large parts of Belfast City Centre!

He certainly didnt look wealthy to me, I felt sorry for him!

Anyhow a couple of years ago when I was down planting a lady came out and said your not the first phantom planter here, she told me that this tree in the pics right next to our orchard was planted by this eccentric old man many years ago, I couldn't believe it!

Funny how I've been drawn back to this area of all places to phantom plant and I'm not even from here!

I always remember the old man phantom planting flowers though right along the edge of where our orchard is, I was a rogue child and so were my mates and I seen on many occasions his flowers getting ripped up and thrown in the river, ( I can honestly say I didn't do this, for some reason I always respected him) but I watched this old man come out every time and replace the flowers that where pulled out, he never let the negatives get him down, he kept coming out and shining his light!

His love and compassion has out shined any sort of negativity, many of his trees are still there 30 years later and I am so grateful for his positive actions as I love to visit this tree and eat the apples from it, so tasty too, thank you to this old eccentric man!

There is a real message here for us all to learn from, Kids might destroy our phantom planted trees, some might get damaged and destroyed but if we keep planting we can all leave a legacy like this old man!

I love this time of year, although not so good on my teeth eating so many apples, I get a bit carried away, about 10-20 apples a day I'm eating, so many varieties I gotta taste them all..

There's something so special and connecting about doing this, its in our DNA, its what we are and it should be made available for everyone to have this opportunity to eat fresh fruit straight from a tree on their doorsteps!

Its my life purpose and mission to promote this and make it happen, to get all of you to phantom plant a fruit tree in your local area and get the buzz that I'm getting and then you'll be off and running and one day have orchards everywhere like me!

Planting trees is planting creatuon, gathering and hoarding the toys and tinsel we all chase in the ratrace are dead, stagnant, they are nothing but dust gathering life stealing nooses around our necks! 

It's about time the world sets greed and profits aside and do whats right for our future generations and for us, true happiness lies in selfless service anyway, so glad I've caught on to this, the delusion of the monopoly board, keeping you right where your wanted, head melted and dependent on lunatics!

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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