Maybe you could help me please?

 I was wondering if any of you guys could help me please?

Most of you probably know that I've been collecting acorns of some of the most famous and iconic oak trees in the UK and Ireland for my own personal collection and before I make my plans for my trip around a few more oaks this year that I have in mind I was wondering if there would be anyone local to these trees that could have a look for me just see if they are producing acorns this year before I make the trip there.

Here is a list of the ones I would love some acorns from this year, if anyone could have a look for me and let me know please It would be much appreciated..

The Marton Oak in Marton village Cheshire

The Birnam Oak in Dunkeld Perthshire

The Capon Oak tree in Jedburgh

The Big Belly Oak in Savernake Marlborough

I was at the big belly oak last year and have two saplings growing from it, but I'd like some more from this one.

You know it takes approx 40 years before an oak tree produces acorns, this is one of the reasons for me why we all need to start preserving the genetics of these ancient trees, theres a reason they are this old, they are made of tough stuff!

I have a life plan and vision to have all these oaks planted in an oak grove one day with a plaque at each tree saying who the parent was and the stories behind them, like an oak museum type thing.

For anyone that helps me out on this I'll send you out a signed phantom planter t shirt and mask, I'll even make you a paramili-tree leaftenant for your area for doing this good work!

Me and wee betty will be off on our travels here again very soon checking out loads of veteran oak trees, Connecting - Collecting - Respecting!

Its amazing what I'm learning in this phantom planting world, It's like my mind is a tree opening up and branching out all over the world full of life and creation!

When I look at the monopoly board and the old me gathering paper and digits, gold and silver, I see a portal of poison and misery, I see doom and gloom and the destruction of mother nature, I see myself suffocated and chained! I see no love and compassion! 

Thats how I was before and we then vent this type of vibration we are feeling out into the world...

Waking up next to wee betty every morning in my cabin with a free spirited mind is way better than cocaine, hookers and 5 star hotels! 

I've had that life of sleaze and self gratification, pure soul poison it is!

#perthshire #cheshire #wiltshire #marlborough #Jedburgh #phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

If you like what I do and share you can support me on the link below and help keep me planting and chanting.


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