Miss my watering workout!

 Pic from this time last year running around getting a suntan and a workout carrying drums of water everywhere to water the phantom planted trees.

Pity we aren't having the same summer this year, it hasnt stopped raining here as I do miss carrying these drums of water, so many people saying to me when they seen me carrying the water can you not get a trolley or a hose or tank on a trailer or something, this is my gym session right here I would say and what a pump you get from carrying these drums with a purpose!

The heatwave we had in spring I was loving the outdoor workouts carrying the water, now I've started doing the farmers walk in the gym with the heavy dumbbells, its an exercise were you carry as heavy a weight as you can handle in each hand and walk for as long as you can, totally mimics my watering of the trees although the feeling of carrying 2 x 30kg drums for half a mile or so then emptying them out on a tree is bliss!

I question my human energy output every day, the gym makes me feel good and all that but wouldn't it be great if we all used that energy for the greater good and with a purpose, can you imagine if our egos were incorporated with helping heal our communities and nature.

You know when I chop wood for my old mate and watch him enjoy the fire after it feels rewarding and its another work out for me swinging the Axe at the same time too.

Many people in the gyms hitting a tyre with hammer for an hour or so, they too could be chopping wood for the elderly and get the same fitness workout too. 

We make healing our world and reviving community spirit an ego thing we will be sorted in no time! 

I bet I can phantom plant more tree than you????  

#phantomplanter #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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