Ogham Mani Padme Hum..

 There is magic in these Ogham stones, brought to the Emerald Isle by the Tuatha Dé Danann who were Druids and then became Gods, some also say that the Tuatha were the direct descendants of Noah and are now today as what some believe to be the faerie people.

No one truly knows what these stones mean or what they are all about, they are inscribed with an ancient tree alphabet with each marking representing a native tree of Ireland.

I go and visit this one regularly and its believed to be one of the only ones in Northern Ireland but many years ago I went and visited it and touched it and said a prayer, I get back into my car and I had a missed call, it was then for me really bad news, a finger that I still had connected to the old me got burnt big time, I lost a lot of money and the person that was with me said that the stone has cursed me!

My head was a way with the whole thing, literally the minute I touched the stone mayhem rained down on a lot people, some went to jail and others lost alot of money.

But looking back now the ogham closed a door in my life and opened up a new one, with me still connected to these people temptation would always be there for me to go back to my old ways!

That ogham stone done something that day!

Then something else I've just recently learned, I know most of you know how I got into Buddhism by jumping off a viking boat drunk in County Cavan and being led to Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist centre, the story is on my featured section at the top of the phantom planter facebook page....

But this Buddhist dude from the monastery who I know very well and was there the first day I landed sent me this information about the history of the area where Jampa Ling is situated, they are now just starting to discover that the area was the spiritual centre for the Druids in Ireland, with more ancient monuments all hidden in the one place than any other part of Ireland, it's all been completely undiscovered until recently.

Jampa Ling is resident to a high ranking exiled Tibetan Lama and the Buddhist dude who sent me the info on the area believes the Lama has been drawn to the energy of this area...

The area is known as MAGH SLECHT, an unvisited mythological wonder of the Emerald Isle!

Well heres what I've been checking out, I rowed the viking boat from Ballyconnel to Balinamore and tracing back my steps roughly I jumped off like a drunken maniac rowing right past this MAGH SLECHT area, believed to be the most central and most powerful Druidic places in Ireland, researching this I could feel the hair standing on the back of my neck. 

If I hadn't of jumped off that boat that day I would not be here now, something pulled me off, some energy of some sort, I could talk all day about the connections I have to this area, amazing things have happened to me in and around MAGH SLECHT!

There is more to this life than we know....

Ogham Mani Padme Hum.....

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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