Phantom Jam!

 Yesterday at the phantom planters HQ a guy lands up and comes walking over to my van, he spots wee betty of course and calls her by her name then he says to me, you must be the phantom planter!

He then handed me this jar of jam and said his mum made this jam from apples they picked at the orchard on Friday evening, him and his mum had drove from 40 mile away to visit HQ!

He said he has been following me from way back at the beginning nearly 4 years ago, he also brought 3 chestnut trees that he grew from seed himself so me and my new recruit got planting them right away!

Really made my day this dude doing this, to phantom plant a fruit tree and then someone pick apples from it, make jam and give you a jar is just amazing!

I had forgot that my latest recruit was coming yesterday to get stuck in phantom planting and I didnt bring any trees but this guy had brought the 3 chestnut trees and all worked out perfectly then one of my South Belfast Leaftenants lands up with home-made dog treats for wee betty so everyone was happy( he didnt bring anything for me, just wee betty!!! )...

I always remember hearing that saying,

"a giving hand is a receiving hand"

and never fully understood what it meant until I became the phantom planter, when we give back to nature and the community, putting out positive ripples with the best of intentions and not to gain anything back secretly as thats the way of the business world and of our world in general, we only give to get what we want in the long run, butter ups and bribes, its all a bit empty really and lonely being surrounded by people who are only pound signs at the end of the day!

But from I've been phantom planting trees I'm feeling love from people, I'm feeling humbleness and warmth, in my old days I used to look over my shoulder waiting to be robbed or having the police come for me, now I look over my shoulder and people are smiling and giving me gifts.

I've been sticking to what the Buddha says for years now, my thoughts, speech, actions and intentions are mine, these are in my control, these are my life tools that can transform your surrounding if used right, Buddhists dont really bother with Gods or God, whoever or what ever created all this, they've got enough to deal with!

Buddhism for me is about accepting responsibility for you, the vast majority of our problems in life we created ourselves, if we look back over our lives we made choices that led to where we are today then when we mess up many take our problems to God, I'm giving God a much needed break, you take a chill pill and rest easy up there JC, the paramili-trees have got it covered down here!

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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