RIP Mark Smyth...

 Phantom planted an apple tree yesterday in memory of Mark Smyth ( Smicker) who passed away last year, his daughter has helped me out phantom planting in the past and has been a supporter of the page right from the start.

When I bumped into her in the garage and she told me of her dads passing I thought it would be a nice idea to phantom plant an apple tree right out the front of her house in memory of her dad, she lives just opposite the phantom planters HQ too!

Much of her family came along to help out in the planting with one young boy there who must have been around 8 years old practically dug the hole and planted the tree himself!

I couldn't believe it how much this young lad was getting stuck in, he was saying after it "when are we phantom planting more trees!".....

It was an amazing day down at the orchard yesterday, so many people came by to say hello, all picking some fresh apples to eat and chatting away, it was a pretty magical day!

We also phantom planted another apple tree in the orchard that our lady Leaftenant bought the Twigadier for his birthday.

The whole estate is slowly becoming one big fruit forest with so many people from the estate being connected to the trees also, I cant believe it at times, its a dream and vision come true for me!

Our thoughts, speech, actions and intentions belong to us, be very mindful how we use these precious life tools, every day we wake we have a choice how we interact with the world around us, we have a choice how we respond to our surroundings, its a practice though being able to control these and if used right can take you to harmony but if used wrong like I did in the past they will take you to misery....

I'm trying my best to use these tools the right way daily'and it's been life changing....

Thank you everyone who came and helped out yesterday, it was a brilliant day! 

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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