We are what we think!

 Do we really become our thoughts, is our minds and what we think about altering our surroundings?

I heard some amazing news yesterday which makes me believe that maybe our minds do alter our surroundings, what ever we give our thoughts, energy and attention too will manifest in our lives!

Many of you know that there was a part of the mountain range in Narnia aka the Mourne Mountains that I was phantom planting at, I had hundreds of trees planted at this spot which was to become one day a piece of environmental graffiti that could be seen from all around the country, that was my dream and vision for this mountain peak!

For years I was phantom planting away, experimenting with different varieties of native trees trying to see which ones would grow best, It was a battle I had on my hands as the sheep ate many of the trees.

Then I started to plant in places I thought the sheep couldn't get too and also started to build up rocks around the trees to try and stop the sheep getting to them.

Then something happened that I never expected, a massive fire came and burned all of my trees apart from three!

I seen a miracle that day with the mystical junipers, the fire engulfed the whole mountain for miles and left these three alone,

Open this Facebook link to watch the video on this, 


I couldn't believe it, junipers are used to ward off evil spirits in Buddhist temples in Tibet and are used for a whole host of other cleansing and purifying things, they definitely warded off something that day in Narnia alright!

But anyhow I got burned off the mountain and my dreams and visions were up in smoke, for ages I drove down heading for this mounatin range visualizing it turning green with my environmental graffiti but that all went up in smoke, so I gave up and went back to the city and started phantom planting fruit trees!

So - What I heard yesterday was just amazing, I got talking to someone who is in the know on the mountain's and he told me that they are fencing off the very part of the mountain that I got burned off to turn it into a rewilding project and that nothing will be allowed to graze on the whole mountain allowing mother nature to do its thing and let all the native trees grow without being trampled over or ate by sheep and cattle.

I couldn't believe this guys, what I have visualized is going to happen without me having to do anything, this is the second time this has happened to me down at the magical Narnia,

There is a spot on the way in at the start of the mountain where I drive past to park my van and I have been eyeing it up for years for an orchard, I was meant to meet someone at this exact spot several times for phantom planting which something always stopped us then just in early spring past the council beat me to it and planted over a hundred mixed fruit trees, I couldn't believe it!

Nearly every morning I say a Tibetan Buddhist prayer and it goes,

"May the attractive and healthy forests be increased in all the one hundred directions, may sentient creatures be freed from untimely death and live happy lives!....

Followed by, om mani padme hum.

You then visualise this happen after you say the prayer three times.

Does this mean that the forests will be increased in all the one hundred directions surrounding me, from where my body, mind and soul live and travel, I'm I altering my surroundings with my thoughts and intentions? I think so!

Pretty magical the whole thing really, the best path I've ever walked is this Buddha dude path...

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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