What a place!!!

 Was down in the Loughgall's heritage apple orchard yesterday where they have many of Irelands rare native variety apple trees growing nestled away deep in the forest in this secret walled garden under lock and key.

They say there is around 120 or so native apple varieties of Ireland and there are only a few places that actually have most of the varieties with Loughgall being one of them!

Me and wee betty managed to squeeze through a hole and go in for a look, its amazing to see so many different type of apples growing, it really inspired me about the new project I'm starting in setting up a nursery to grow many of our old heritage apple tree varieties and phantom plant them all around the streets and estates of Belfast and beyond!

And this secret walled garden is the perfect place for me to get lots of cuttings for grafting this winter!

Couldn't believe they had a No Surrender apple tree variety, I knew about the blood of the boyne and bloody butcher types which we have loads of them in our orchard but No Surrender (also known as Martins seedlings) was a knew one for me!

No Surrender apple trees coming to Belvoir estate soon!

They created these varieties for King Billy of Orange coming in 1690 and I believe the orange carrot was invented here for him coming also!

Not only was the people divided here on the Emerald Isle but they were making the food Catholic and Protestant too, Unbelievable!!!

Only in Northern Ireland!!!

All I need now is to breed a Michael Collins apple tree variety and I will have all my phantom planted apple trees respected in all parts of Belfast!

Just make sure I dont get them mixed up though, not sure how it would go down having a No surrender apple tree on the Falls Road or a Michael Collins apple tree on the Shankill Road!!!

#loughgall #armagh #phantomplanter #heritageapples 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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