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 Most of you probably know im writing my book on Patreon which sorry guys you have to subscribe to read,  A mans gotta eat! 

From I've started planted and chanting I've might as well become a celebrity, and all this celebrity life takes time out of your life and still I need to make a living. 

So for more chapters and stories like this about my life you can support me on Patreon and read all about it. 

Here is a sneak chapter of what sort of material you will be reading. 

Chapter 7 - Time to Run!

I must have been around 8 years old and my delboy dad sat me down and said, now look son we'll always keep the money and documents in this cupboard here and if the police ever come to raid the house they will go upstairs or out to the shed searching for stuff, I'll start to wrestle one of them and when you hear me shouting and screaming the rest of the police will run to see whats going on, you then grab that bag and run to De Niros house.

I will probably be talking about my dads best mate the Big Boss man a lot more and dont want to be using anyones names on here but he's a real De Niro type character, as cool and as calm as they come, so for the rest of the chapters I will refer to him as De Niro.

The police raided one day and some of them went to the shed, my delboy runs out screaming like he's going to attack one of them, all the rest of the police run after him leaving the kitchen empty and I knew exactly what to do, I was that quick lifting the bag and out the door hopping over fences they didnt even know I was gone!

Over the fences across peoples gardens I went and out into an alleyway with this massive bag of money that got ripped getting over the fences and when I looked behind me up the alleyway there was bundles of a thousand pound in trail left behind me!

I remember I was wearing this Tommy Hilfiger top that was way too big for me that we got in America but it had this massive zip compartment on the front and I went back and filled this massive pocket with the bundles of money and round to De Niros I went. 

To this day I'm not even sure if I got all the money, probably some people woke up with grand bundles in their gardens!

It was more the document's that was the most important things to get out of the road, millions were in this book and this could not be caught by the police.

In later years when I had my own documents for massive bills I was never so worried for mine, the decimal point is a very handy thing, if someone owed me say 10 grand which would write £10.000 on paper, if I moved the decimal point to £100.00 it still says 10 grand but looks to the police £100.

I could keep an easily read and very accurate billing system that would keep track of hundreds of thousands for me and if the police ever got my books it would only say for hundreds and not much they could do, I had no worry then of hiding books or having to run with them. 

You gotta keep proper book work when dealing with so many people for such massive bills, people never pay cash up front in that world, its all on tick/credit, meaning you would give them goods and they would pay you off.

Keeping track of all payments was so important as many people your dealing with in that underworld game - well lets just say they're not your average church goers - they'll try and steal the eye out of your head if given the chance! You gotta stay on your toes!

The decimal point!!! A very handy little dot!

Love writing about my delboy dad, its like keeping him alive and I feel him around me writing this stuff.

Hope you enjoyed guys...

Peac and love..


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