Found the last of ancient Irish Oaks!

 Messages flying in from the paramili-trees A-Corn team out and about all over the UK collecting acorns from ancient trees, sending me videos and getting parcels wrapped up for posting, im so impressed at the response on this. Read my previous posts to catch up on what we're up too! 

Hope I haven't missed anyone messaging, I've been traveling around myself looking for acorns and have very limited time myself to be on here, I will try my best to get back to you, but heres a rough guide what to do if going acorn collecting from ancient oaks,

"Could you please get as many big acorns as you can and bring a freezer bag with you and fill the bag up with some soil from around the tree, if you dig down about 6 inches and fill the bag with soil please, this stuff deep down has the mycelium in it that the acorns will thrive on, add a drop of water to it and pack the acorns in it for postage.

Really apprecte this...."

But yesterday we went to look for one of the oldest oaks in Northern Ireland in a place called Castle Coole, we walked for about 2 hours looking and couldn't find it, I had a pic in my phone of this tree, then we asked a few people and no one had a clue, we then bumped into this very friendly and enthusiastic lady who helped us look for it, she took us all over the place, then to the managers office of the grounds and he had no idea where it was also! 

She had walked this estate all her life and knew the previous grounds manager who worked there for 20 years, she managed to track him down and got him on the phone to speak with me, had a great conversation with this man and he told me lots of stuff about Irish oaks, about how they were so important at the front of old war ships, as they were practically indestructible when ramming enemy ships.

He said this old Irish oak must hsve remained hidden from the shipbuilders all them years ago and is probably the last irish oak of this size in Northern Ireland!

He was the one that got it tested and aged by experts and its said to be around 600 years old, because he sort of discovered it he got to name it, so he named it "Chabal" after a rugby player who always stood head and shoulders above everyone else he said! 

It was a massive tree and my phone died so couldn't get a pic but I managed to get one acorn from it!

Cant thank the lady enough who helped us, she really made my day...

We then passed by Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist temple as I wanted to check for some acorns here and they have a massive oak right at the house and got a few of this tree, bit small and not that many but still these are ones I really want for the collection. 

I had a real special encounter also at Jamp Ling with a long time supporter of the page who ive never met, he lives in England and just happened to be at a Buddhist monastery in Ireland, you couldn't make it up! 

He told us some pretty magical and fascinating stories, was so good to finaly meet you man!

I've now just woke up in the oldest neolithic site in the world at Carrowmore Sligo, 7000 years old it is, tucked alway here in the Emerald isle. What a place! 

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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