Happy 60th Birthday!

 Phantom planted an apple tree yesterday for this mans 60th birthday, he has never phantom planted a tree before and I could see he was really loving it, at the start he was asking are we allowed to do this, just dig holes and plant here he says, I didnt think we would be doing it here in the middle of the street, I thought in the forest somewhere he said - I said the squirrels just dig holes and plant acorns where they want and so can we! - I didnt get an answer back from him and we just carried on planting!

This dude doesn't really know much about me or what I get up too and I only know him from the gym and just offered to plant a tree for his 60th birthday when he told me, think he was a bit down being 60 and I just wanted to cheer him up!

He says he will be passing the tree 4 times a week to keep an eye on it and he's going to name the tree after his late Mum Rose...

What made it even more of a surprise for him was a journalist came out to take some pics to do a story for a newspaper, I didnt say anything to the birthday boy about this, it was quite funny when he turned up, the photographer wanted us to wear our masks the whole time while planting so he could get loads of shots, as this drew a lot of attention many people from the estate stopped to watch and see what was going on!

This old boy came over and said "are you guys illegally planting trees"?

I said thats exactly what we're doing man, we are the Paramili-Trees! 

Love it he says!

He said he lived out in Spain and was over visiting, I gave him a mask and he joined our phantom planters group and said he will put up pics on the group of him phantom planting out in Spain!

My right hand man had brought an apple pie he made from phantom planted apples and we all got stuck in after.

What a great morning we all had phantom planting a 60th birthday apple tree!

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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