I Challenge You to Phantom Plant a Tree!

 Most days I go for a solo walk in the forest, leave the phone behind and just walk mindfully, connecting and being present with nature, walking meditation it is, I learned this from the Zen Monks.

Not an easy thing to do in our fast paced rat race world but its a practice I try and do every day to chill my mind from them nattering thoughts that drive us mad and its probably the one antidote most of us need to do today, and not racing through the forest like a mad man trying to beat some previous time or even connecting to whats around you.

I'm still guilty of it at times, but for me over the past lot of years the biggest challenge for me is slowing down and really seeing and observing what the outcome of where my human energy is going and what is it achieving? what is it benefiting? What is the end result?! 

It's way more of a challenge for me to just try and do mindful yoga in the forest than it is trying to do 10 muscle ups or run a mountain!

That monkey mind always wants to compete and never sit at peace and the way of our world encourages it!

All part of the plan really I believe as many faiths will tell you that its only through stillness that we connect to the source of creation and then the magic really does begin to happen, last thing they want is for us to be still! 

When I'm out walking with my 86 year old mate and he sees someone running by sweating looking like they're in pain he always says to them, "there's an easier way of killing yourself"... 

It makes me laugh him saying this but he's right, the first man that run a marathon dropped dead and never has there been a time in history where extreme exercise has been so popular and of course the crazy Delboys and Arthur Daley's that run our world are selling us all that fancy stuff that cost a fortune to compete in all these new fancy trends! 

What is it these days though about trainers, no matter what make you get they all last me six months, they are all in a cartel together and they only give a six month warranty too! 

I found an old pair of my trainers from 20 years ago and I still wear them, they are having a laugh at our expense these days! 

It's a world of extremes out there, binge out in excess then exercise in excess!

I remember when I was a drunkard, every Sunday I walked a mountain and all I was looking at was my time missing all the beauty, but as long as I beat my previous time it sort of give me good reason to keep getting drunk, making room for more I used to say and right after the mountain hike I was straight in the bar throwing them pints down me!

But anyhow back to the Zazen walking meditation connecting to the forest, every time I've been doing it for the past while I keep having the same similar thoughts which are,

"we've taken away all the forests and all of us need to replace them, everyone of us as individuals have a duty to do this, this should be every persons prime purpose in this world today is planting trees and connecting back to nature"...

Maybe the forest is talking to me! 

You know when you look around the world and see how much forest has been taken away even in the past 50 years is pretty scary but I've yet to hear any government come up with forest plantings on the same scale as whats getting chopped! 

They say they're planting 1 million here and there over decades which is nothing really compared with what we're taking and using but not once do you ever hear them say we are planting up the largest forest in history!

Many of the forests they talk about planting are commercial forest, monocultured pine forests that are getting chopped down again in a few decades for use!

All the worlds problems can be solved with replacing the forests, they soak up all the rain, soak up all the carbon and they cool the earth, its not rocket science!

I believe there is certain group of dark minded people in this world who are completely insane who want every last tree gone so they can sell us stuff to breath, thats how extreme these dudes are. they'll go to any length in the world for money and control wanting us completely dependent on them for everything, even our air!

Only if we let it though! 

Trees are more rare in the Universe than diamonds and gold, we are one of the only places known in the cosmos where trees grow!

Get phantom planting guys, get connecting the soul back where it belongs!

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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