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 Cant believe the response I got yesterday on my post about checking out acorns on some ancient oak trees from around the UK for me, two people went and sent me a video of the trees, with the Marton oak in Cheshire not producing acorns this year and the Capon oak in Jedburg being full of acorns.

Only need to get the Big Belly oak at Savernake and the Birnam oak at Dunkeld checked out but I've been told that people are on the job this weekend finding out for me!

Its really got me thinking about what I can actually do with this page, I really didnt expect to see this level of interest and enthusiasm on this project of mine!

I've been inundated with messages and comments from people wanting to help out and telling me of other ancient oaks that they could go and get acorns from to add to the oak grove museum I'm setting up, it will be an oak grove of all the offspring of the UK and Irelands most famous and iconic oak trees planted up here in Belfast with each tree being labelled of who the parent tree was and the stories behind them!

So I think we need to create a new branch of Paramili-Trees and it will be the "A-Corn Team"...

This is the perfect time of year to be going and checking ancient oak trees to see if they are producing acorns, from now till the big fall in autumn I'm going to be putting out requests for old oak trees to be checked for acorns and if you know of any ancient and iconic oak trees in your area with stories behind please go and check on them and let me know by message if they have acorns and I'll give you details on how and where to post them to me and maybe they could be added to the oak grove museum.

If you do pick acorns put them in moist soil right away...

I was on the phone to the Bowthorpe farm in Lincolnshire which has one of the most iconic oaks in the UK and was told that it has acorns this year but they dont like to give them out, maybe someone on here can pull a few strings for me on this, I have one sapling from this beauty but would love some acorns to grow myself...

Thank you guys for all the help and interest on this, I believe we all need to be collecting seeds of our ancient trees and growing them, its so important to protect the DNA and genetics of these trees and its a great way for all of us to get connected back to mother nature which is a massive thing we are all missing these days too!

Rise of the paramili-trees -  UTPP up the phantom planters!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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