Kett's Rebellion Acorns have arrived!

 Got a parcel of acorns through yesterday from the Kett's oak tree in Norfolk, thank you so much to the Paramili-Tree A-Corn Team member for doing this, some of them look really good and I've got them potted up and labelled already!

What I love about this tree is in 1549 Robert Kett and his brother William addressed a group of men in what was to become Kett's Rebellion against the rising cost of living and the closing off of commons land.

I got a lot in common with Robert Kett's only we the Paramili-Trees are rebelling in a different way!

I'm going to end up an expert in ancient oaks by the time I've finished, I'm learning and absorbing so much in dealing with these acorns and reading into the background of them, loving it all too! 

These are the types of oak trees I'm looking acorns from, I've been getting inundated with offers of acorns from old trees around the UK and its a lot for me to deal with in answering all the messages, yesterday my eyes were sore and my head spinning, I've never looked at a screen for so long in my life, please understand if I dont get back to you, it's only me on here answering and I've my own business to try and run also as well as the phantom planter.

Please please only message me with oak trees with special stories, iconic famous trees like the Kett's oak or the likes of the Major oak in Sherwood forest where Robin Hood hid in, which I have many acorns from this tree btw!

I'm so grateful though for the response I've been getting and as much as I'd like to chat and get back to your messages it's just not physically possible for me.

People sending me messages also saying its illegal to send soil to Northern Ireland from the UK, this time 2 years ago it was ok to post soil because we had a different fictional and imaginary border and today they have moved this fictional line elsewhere and now soil imported can potentially cause all sorts of problems!

The lunatics are really running the asylum these days dont you think! 

keep posting guys, I've smuggled alot worse in the past, I've always wanted to get arrested for phantom planting a tree anyway, be good to see if border control might come after me now for smuggled iconic acorns, no better platform to promote phantom planting than the courts, would probably hit the EU courts also giving phantom planting worldwide attention! 

Anyhow I dont really think it will go that far, I mean its only a bit of muck, theres probably more muck being carried on the soles of peoples shoes and car tyres coming back and forward, sometimes you wonder who makes these crazy laws up! 

Thanks again to the A-Corn Team for all your efforts! 

Rise of the paramili-trees - UTPP up the phantom! 

#kettsoak #robertketts #norfolk #phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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