King Oak Acorns have Landed!

 So I managed to find out who sent me these acorns from the King Oak and what the King oak actually is, the King oak is said to be 1046 years old at Blenheim Palace and is surrounded by 964 other ancient trees all over 400 years old and is said to be the largest collection of ancient oak trees in Europe!

The Ancient Oaks are part of a medieval wood Known as Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire!

How do I not know about this special place!! 

Definitely on my list now to visit this forest now! 

Thanks again to this Paramili-Tree member for sending me these acorns, he's even sent me the preservation numbers of the trees, unreal work from the SAS branch - Special Acorn Service!

Some lady commented on one of my acorn posts saying that when I get this oak grove setup with all the baby trees from the UK and Irelands oldest and most iconic oak trees that in decades to come all these oaks are going to cross pollinate to produce acorns bred from all these ancient trees!

I never really thought of it this way, I could well be producing an indestructible acorn for future generations! Like all these oaks have stood the test of time, they are made of tough stuff to have survived this long!

You just never know what way all this phantom planting will branch out or where its taking me!

Some of you may not know but I've been writing my life story of growing up on Patreon and most nights I write a chapter on there of growing up and about my past - (warts and all) and its pretty crazy how I've went from an underworld wheeler dealer to a planter chanter!

You'll read all on there in depth about my personal life growing up and when I read over what I'm writing about my past I have no idea where all this love for mother nature and trees has came from!

Whatever these Buddhas and Trees have done to me its been pretty special, I cant get my head around it myself at times whats happened!

I'm really enjoying doing it though, writing two worlds at the one time, its like two different people, but then really we are two people, we all our, we are both spirit and ego, born into a world of ego designed to make you think there is no such thing as a spirit until one day something waters that seed of the soul within us all and theres no stopping it flourishing, we find something within much greater than anything the monopoly has to offer!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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