Namaste Guru!

 Check out the T-shirt my old Yoga Guru brought me back from Nepal!

Thank you Keshav from Namaste Yoga centre in Belfast!

Never forget the first time I met keshav, must be around 8 years ago, I knew nothing about yoga back then, all I knew was a life in the ratrace wheeling and dealing crippled me!

My delboy dad had me offloading lorries from I could walk filling up cars and vans daily with his dodgy bootlegged goods, my delboy dad never give me any proper lifting guidance, all he said was "Hurry up son before the peeler come" everything was rush rush rush looking over your shoulder and by the time I was around 18 or so my back always went, would have been walking lop sided for weeks at times!

Then all my businesses after that was lifting, from house clearance to manufacturing mattresses, I've always been lifting heavy and awkward things all my life to the point where I thought I did permanent damage but the pain was always easily masked with drink and drugs and I just accepted most of my life that every now and again I would be walking like a cripple!

Then when I got into my mid thirties and started to see the damage the monopoly was having on body, mind and soul and the fact many around me that I was observing that had the same lifestyle as me when they got into their forties I watched them drop like flies or acquire ailments that practically disabled them!

I was riddled with all sorts of problems myself, on all sorts of doctors pills too, they wanted to butcher me on several occasions but something inside me always backed out at the last minute!

I lost all faith in western ways to help and fix me and I had a great want to be clean and pure by the time I was forty, I didnt want to be a middle aged coffin dodger!

So one day I called up the Namaste yoga centre as I knew this yoga stuff was supposed to be good for you, to be honest I thought it was Japanese at first, goes to show I knew nothing but Keshav said to call over and when I first went into the room and seen him, he came over to me like he was on a magic carpet or something, he was alive and glowing, agile and flowing and I seen something in him that I wanted!

I've always had an intuition to follow advice from people you aspire to be like and I wanted to be life Keshav!

So I started to go to his classes 3 times a week for years, I never missed, sometimes I went drunk, sometimes with a hangover and other times on drugs, nearly every time I left the class I went to this fancy off sales after next to the studio and used to buy this Elderflower cider instead of my usual 6 pack of commercial beer every morning, for me I was making progress, I convinced myself the cider was healthy, I became a healthy alcoholic in my mind!

But I used to lie back in the corner of the Yoga studio and listen to keshav talk about all sorts of stuff, about how most our foods are contaminated, how our environments are making us ill and that he's never been to see a doctor.

He always talked about organic farms he went too for his food, he was so careful about what he was putting in his body, for me back then eating brown bread was the healthiest thing to me, I knew nothing about what he was talking about!

I came from the thick of the delusion of our world, what we are led to believe is healthy is really not, says it all really when many pharmacists that deliver drugs have on their vans the word health somewhere! Delivering health some say, aren't the lunatics really running this asylum we are born into! You might as well say Pablo Escobar was delivering health too!

Anyhow Keshav changed my life, he planted many seeds in my mind, now these days I'm healthier than what I was when I was 18 and feeling better too, my back still plays up now and again but nowhere near what it was, I know what to do to deal with it to keep me planting and chanting!

I've also came off all drugs, drink and pills, I try my best to eat right also, my skin isn't falling apart anymore, my hands were like one big scab with my skin all cracking, my stomach is better, no more zantacs, the boils and cysts I had on my spine are all gone, my eye sight is better too and I can actually breath right these days!

Many things that were deemed irreversible by western medicine is gone through yoga and lifestyle changes, but these ways takes effort and takes years also, 7 years they say when the blood fully changes or something I read like that before, keep creating new healthy habits and in 7 years time every cell in your body is renewed and rewired, its so so true, there is no quick fix!

I always say it took me years of practice to drink 10 pints and smoke 30 cigs, this didnt happen overnight, everything for me is habitual, we are all becoming what we are applying our time and energy too today!

In realty we are the creators of our own lives!

Thank you Keshav, 



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