New Patreon account set up!

Guys I've setup a Patreon account under the name "the phantom planter" were you can subscribe to support me in what I do, I will also be putting up some more behind the scenes stuff on there about what me and wee Betty get up too in our day to day lives, I will also be making sure to get back to anyone's question's and queries about phantom planting and other types of things that I get up too like my training and so on, bit like a phantom planting mentor type thing!

I really need to try and get a steady income to be honest from the work I'm doing, its taken over my whole life and I'm loving it, I got stuff that I want to do and it costs money, with Patreon it seems a good way for me were I can get a steady wage and see where am at so I can plan some things for my future.

As most of you have probably noticed I started taking donations also just recently and cant thank everyone enough for the money I've been getting, it really does help me out in freeing up more of my time for working on tree projects that I've got underway and phantom planting fruit trees too, really appreciate all your support guys.

4 years ago on August past my father passed away, 6 months before he passed watching my dad slowly fade away out of nowhere people came to me and said they were my sisters that I never knew about, kids calling my dad Grandad who I've never seen before! It was all a bit mad for me!
I sort of took this out on my dad and gave him a terrible time of it, lots of personal stuff went on that I wouldn't like to talk about but my delboy dad insisted to me right up until his last breath " Dont listen to them son, they're all Bi Polar" he said!

Some crazy crazy times it was for me, along with going through many years of a downward spiral of all sorts of mayhem, lost my mother, my family broke up, bankruptcy and battling drink and drunk addiction, this was the icing on the cake with what was happening with me about my delboy dad!

A couple of years before my deboy dad passed I had already briefly been trying to practice Buddhism, going from one extreme to the other, retreat here then a week long binge of booze and drugs, but the seed and want for change was already in me!

It was only a few months before that my dad got diagnosed with brain cancer that I had managed to escape the alcohol trap, dont know how things would have turned out if I was still a piss head and hearing of my new long lost so called family!

But when I heard about these stories and along with my best mate and wheeling and dealing partner my delboy dad dying my head went big time!
I was living with my dad for the past few years and I had to get away and I had no money but I had this tiny rotted wooden cabin that I used as a store in an industrial estate and decided I'm moving in here!
I had no other option, me and wee betty moved in and I read the Dhammapda morning, noon and night, I started planting more and more trees and following what the Buddha teaches on how to sort your crap out, I was doing yoga, saying my prayers,, rituals and making nature offerings.

Then a few months after my dad passed I setup the phantom planter and I'm still chanting away every day in this same rotted cabin.
All my energy has been going into purifying me and helping mother nature and the community.
Funny though that when I first moved into this cabin it was the most depressing place ever but now that I've sorted my mind out I actually love it here in this rotted cabin stuck away in the corner of an industrial estate but theres no future here for me guys, I need to think long term!

Someone really special in my life bought me a plot of land, this person doing this was one of the greatest things I've ever to receive, its a tiny forest with a river out the back and my dream is to build my hut in the woods!
I'm going to live in the roof of a barn type cabin with the only way into my bedroom is to climb a rope!
Under my bedroom I'm going to teach the stuff that I've been learning that has helped and healed me but all this costs money and with your help guys I would love to get a steady income from what I do on here...

Heres is the link guys if you'd like yo support me.

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

If you like what I do and share you can support me on the link below and help keep me planting and chanting.


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