Nothing stopping the Paramili-Trees!

 Was really sad driving by yesterday seeing one of the apple trees mowed over the top off, normally I've been cutting round the trees to stop the grass cutters having to come so close but I didnt do it at this spot recently as it has always seemed quite neglected and the grass cutters have only cut this area once the whole summer, I drive by here many times a day always keeping an eye on them and just yesterday this has happened!

I guess Paramili-Tree casualties have to be expected, this is a Treevolution that we've started and we will take hits but as long as we keep sending in reinforcements by carrying on replacing and phantom planting more fruit trees, letting people know we mean business, we will win and one day all our streets and estates will be urban orchards providing free food for everyone and bringing communities together!

I remember way back when I first started phantom planting and one of my trees got ripped out, I was so angry and spent much of my energy and time tracking down who did it, I let anger take over me, going to the papers and giving it free rent in my mind!

The amount of energy I spent getting annoyed and angered I could have planted 20 more trees elsewhere.

Our minds are funny things, we can let them drive us mad at times!

Something always stuck in my head about anger was what Big D said before, he said fits of anger will burn up all the good merit the soul has accumulated - Anger is poison! 

Hearing this always makes me think twice before blowing a gasket!! 

Now that I've found the Buddha pace yesterday right after I seen this tree ripped out I was sad but I just took myself to the orchard with my wheel barrow and shovel and spent a couple of hours doing something constructive and positive weeding and mulching some fruit trees.

I wasn't angry, I was sad and I'm sure the grass cutter really didnt mean to do it, so many people are stressed in this world in jobs they dont like just to pay for stuff they've been conned into, we are all born into playing someone elses game!

The tree is getting replaced on Friday, its probably all meant to be too as at this plot I have 5 James Grieves apple trees - well now 4 but with no pollinating partner trees, so the one getting replaced will be the pollinating variety for James Grieves....

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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