Paramili-trees out in force!

 Cant believe what happened over the weekend!

Two separate Paramili-Tree A-Corn teams went and got acorns of the Old Knobbly oak tree in Essex, both teams dug holes and got soil from around the tree and collected a handful of decent acorns with one team member who got talking to the grounds man and he said she was welcome to some of the self seeded saplings that have grown around the tree, these can be dug up and posted in winter time when they are dormant.

Its amazing whats being created here, I'm in Belfast and two Paramili-Tree A-Corn teams could have very well bumped into each other collecting acorns for the oak grove museum of ancient and iconic trees that I'm going to plant up here in Belfast!

Its really got my head thinking with the response I'm getting from this acorn project, I dont think I'm even at the tip of the iceberg yet as to what the phantom planters real reason for existing is but I'm just flowing with it and keeping on planting and chanting and loving every bit of it..

One thing I've noticed though is over on the mainland UK they seem to love their ancient trees a lot more than over here, many councils add supports to the older trees instead of cutting them down.

Felt so sad yesterday as I was on the hunt for an ancient oak tree in Belfast with a recorded girth of over 8 metres to find out it was chopped down due to health and safety, it was in the middle of a forest and not near any roads or houses and its gone! This tree was well over 500 years old!

I read before that Northern Ireland has the least native tree cover in Europe, when you look around the place there are very few ancient trees left, what we do have left should be showpieces and marveled, supported and fenced off if needs be, plaques added of stories of how our landscape at one time was filled with trees like this and a squirrel could have went from one end of the country to the other across the tree tops!

I often wonder what would be cheaper, paying a tree surgeon to chop them down or fence them off...

Our whole existence is built of the back of trees, from railways, houses, ships and your whiskey barrels, we would not be here if it was not for trees, never mind the food and air they give us also!

Time we all manned up and paid these ancient trees the respect they deserve and everyone of us should be out there collecting seeds right now from all the ancient trees that are left and grow them up for phantom planting!

Time to level up, carbon offsetting and karmic offsetting, becoming a phantom planter today is just what all our souls need and the world! 

Thanks again to all the A-Corn Team for all your efforts !  

Rise of the paramili-trees - UTPP up the phantom planters!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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